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29th May 2006

cumgirl5:17am: My masturbation.....
Tonight I had a four hour masturbation session. I started sat in my chair at my pc. As I said in my previous post I was watching a short video clip of a guy wanking off. He was wanking off onto a black surface you could tell he was really enjoying it....you could hear him groaning and I loved the way he said "we are going to cum" as if his cock is another person....I love hearing people cum its almost as much as a turn on as seeing them. Then he came and shot his load out onto this table....I couldn't help wishing it was inside my pussy, to feel his hot spunk hitting the walls of my pussy....or all over my tits and face. Whilst watching this I started having a play. I started massaging my tits and tweaking my nipples. Slowly moving my hand over my stomach and into my panties. By this time I was soaking wet. I kept teasing myself by running my fingers over my pussy but not delving into the slit...just tickling my pussy and running my hands down my thighs. I wanted to take my panties off but it is too risky as others are in the house....so I continued browsing around the web.
I decided to go check out this lesbian stories on http://www.nifty.org as this is one of my favourite fantasies....I hope to one day fulfill this fantasy. As I was reading I gently rubbed my clit, making me more and more wet. I slowly moved my hand down to my pussy opening and pushed my finger in. I was so warm and wet. I brought my fingers out and up to my mouth so I could taste my pussy juice. I sucked my fingers as I read about girls licking each other out. I so would love to lick a girls pussy and make her cum on my face. I would so like to give a woman pleasure this way. To lick a nice shaven pussy would be a dream come true. I was getting so turned on reading these stories that I decided it was time to go upstairs. My clit was tingling, longing for more, my pussy just wanted a cock inside it so badly.
I went to my room and closed the door and took out my vibrator. I removed my panties and t-shirt and lay naked in my bed. I caressed my body all over, lingering around my pussy but not quite touching it. I was shivering with excitement. I took my vibrator and slowly moved it down my body, I couldn't turn it on full blast as it would be too noisy, I slowly moved it down between my legs, I run it slowly over my clit and then down to my pussy opening. I slowly inserted it into my pussy, imagining it was a nice big cock. I slowly pushed it deeped inside of me, and then pulled it out again and took it up to my mouth and sucked my pussy juicy off it. It tasted so nice. I put the vibrator back down to my pussy and inserted it deep inside me and started fucking it....in and out. I kept clasping my pussy around it...tightening around it wishing it was a man's cock that I could clasp and feel cum inside me. After awhile I decided to stop for a bit and just relax on my bed and think about sex, my clit was pulsating, begging to be touched....I knew I was going to have an amazing orgasm. I decided I wanted to use my fingers and really make myself cum. So I slowly started rubbing my clit, gently at first. I kept pushing up, begging and begging for more. I started rubbing faster and with my other hand playing with my tits. I rubbed my clit harder and harder. I knew it wouldn't be long before I would cum and I knew I had to be quiet. I could feel the build up as I became closer and closer to cumming, I was shaking with excitement. I so wanted to cum. I rubbed faster and faster and then finally I came.....I could hardly breathe where it was so good, I was so wet. I put my fingers inside me and scooped up some of my juices and brought it up to my mouth for another taste. I relaxed for about 30 seconds and I knew it was time to go again as I never just have one orgasm, I always have two...so I started rubbing again and within seconds I was having my second orgasm. I lay there and relaxed for a bit feeling totally satisfied......

Quite looking forward to my next session.....the teasing myself really helped me have a more powerful orgasm.......
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cumgirl1:41am: My wet pussy....
My pussy is so wet right now. I am teasing myself by watching a short movie I downloaded of a guy wanking off. Its so hot because I can hear him groaning and I keep thinking about him pumping his hard cock into my pussy. I love it when a man cum's inside me. I keep putting my hands in my panties and slowly running it over my pussy, gently. It's so wet. Its begging for me to stroke myself more.

I still really want to sleep with a woman as well....to make her feel the pleasure I feel.

I am thinking of buying one of these....

Rock Chick Vibe

Is there any other girls on here?
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27th May 2006

mister_bater2:23am: Teasing
Sometimes I love to really tease myself when I am having a play.

It is much better to get me really begging myself rather than giving in and just grabbing my dick and going for it.

I have been touching myself for about the last hour, there are loads of sensitive points, I love touch everything right from my feet and all up my legs and right up to my neck and arms. In fact just caressing every part of myself other than the one area that is desperate to be touched.

I am led back, occassionally closing my eyes to help imagine having a woman doing this for me as I have never actually had the pleasure of a woman making me cum.

My dick has now been rock hard for about the last half an hour and I am just allowing some sensation down there. To start with I am using a clean hankerchief to run up my leg and over my shaved, tight balls and my throbbing dick which is twitching with delight at the sensation.

After doing that a few times I was unable to hold back any longer and firmly took my dick in my right hand, still holding the hankerchief so that with every stroke it goes up and down over my balls to tickle them. Not surprisingly after getting so horny I was fairly quickly ready to explode but I took myse;f right to the brink and then withdrew my hand to prolong the pleasure and the fantasy of having a woman controlling my orgasm.

I teased myself by getting close to coming twice more, each time imaginging I was begging for the woman to let me cum. Then I decided I could hold back no more and so took a grip once more of my dick, stroking long and slow to start with but quickly getting up to faster and shorter strokes. A couple of minutes later and I was getting really close, i was taking shorter breaths in anticipation, my legs spread so that I could touch the underside of my balls with left hand.

Then an explosion of pure pleasure followed by absolute calm. Now being a man it is time to sleep! Goodnight!


PS. Sorry for the tense changing during the post, but I was writing some whilst playing and some after.

1st May 2006

cumgirl5:11am: Any other wankers about? This community needs more action!!

2nd July 2005


Hi everyone. I figured that many of you might be interested in an Internet community that's dedicated to telling stories about the last time you got laid, or got yourself off.

In a nutshell, Kittenhate.com lets you log the who, what, when, where and why's of your sexlife. The primary goal is to amuse, inform and discuss your sex habits with others on the site, but the site also generates personal statistics on how often you have sex, what days you get off the most, what time of day is your favourite, and so forth.

To put your minds at ease, there is no membership fee and there never will be. I and/or the site does not care about or reveal your personal information to others. I and/or the site never plan to make money from running it. It's just one more oddity of the Web that I'm gratified to offer. Thanks for reading.


5th June 2005

<3 Lean back and check out these cute Asian girls! <3
Hi guys! I'm new here- check out my blog, and also, here's my first contribution!

26th September 2004

amehtana6:44pm: allo poppets. I'm new, I'm here. That is all. :))

30th April 2004

cumgirl1:13am: I am feeling a bit horny at the moment! I am talking to a friend online and telling him about this community...,the thought of him reading my posts really turns me on. Is that strange?

25th April 2004

cumgirl11:15pm: I am feeling very horny at the moment. I am going to have a play. At the moment I just love the thought of being with another girl. I have still not slept with another girl but I would like to. I just would be so horny if I could lick a girl out and touch another girl.

What do you like to think about?

24th April 2004

cockado12:55pm: COCKADO! looking for new friends
New to this,

Check me out and feel free to add me

13th April 2004

selfamused6:25am: Has Anyone Ever Tried One Of These Products?
I was curious when I saw this and I knew it would be wankers type material. I'm seriously thinking about getting one of these just cause it sounds really really good....

The Fleahlight.com
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29th March 2004

scopo2:41pm: The one with the swizzle stick
As I have mentioned before, every now and then I have a quick breakfast wank as I'm digesting my coffee and waking up to face the day.

On our deco cocktail trolley that sits in the kitchen is an old measuring jigger with a set of six 1950s hand-blown glass swizzle sticks in it. The sticks are very smooth glass with a small bead on the end and a different kitschy top on each. Their diameter is somewhat smaller than a pencil but bigger than my 4 ga (5mm) PA, so maybe 6mm ...

Now then , from having the PA, and from a few experiments before that, I know that a spot of urethral play can be quite nice, but I've never really done the 'sounding' thing - putting a tube or hard object right down the length of one's urethra like a catheter.

Previously I have used the swizzle sticks for a little tickle/pressure down the old pee-hole, but never deeper than 2 or 3 cm.

This morning, I took out my PA jewellery, took the narrowest of the swizzle sticks, gave it a good coating of saliva, and pushed it gently down my urethra. I was very pleasantly surprised as it slid effortlessly past the point of slight 'resistance' and discomfort I'd felt previously.

The cool/hard feeling of fullness was very arousing, and I essentially held the stick in place as my growing cock engulfed it. In a moment my cock was at its full hardness and the entire 6"+ length of the stick was in my urethra. I could feel the hard length of it all the way down. It only took a minute of deep breathing and concentrating on the slight tingling/burning sensation and I could feel a monster orgasm brewing.

I wondered for just a second whether the stick would prevent my ejaculation, but no, a pressurised stream of thick white cum forced its way up my filled shaft to squirt out my empty PA hole and through the 'regular' exit too.

2nd February 2004

shabadoo300012:27pm: Cums in handy...
I know we've all needed this at one point or another:

Worst Case Scenario Handbook: Masturbation

It includes handy tips on how to masturbate in the office, your grandmother's house, in the line of gunfire, during a shark attack, and in space, among many more.

22nd January 2004

scopo12:39pm: female urethra play?
It just struck me the other day - has anyone ever heard of (or done) female 'sounding' or urethra play? I assume the female urethra is just as sensitive as the male one? And have any piercers ever developed a sort of female PA that would somehow go through the female urethra?

5th January 2004

water_bear6:07pm: My Day of Masterbation
I would love your thoughts one what I did last week...


I decided to see how many times I could jerk off in one day. Got tired of "old" comments from young gay men who think they know it all!

Warning! Watersports included...

29th November 2003

notblindyet3:09pm: Is it wrong to think about your friends whilst masturbating?

I will have erotic dreams about my best friend, and I can't help thinking about her whilst stroking it. I want to fuck her so bad.

15th November 2003

naughtynymph2:32am: Friday Morning Masturbation!
Woke up this morning,came back in my room from shower. Was walking around in room with my robe on but wide open, and noticed the neighbor behind us looking over! I have been sooooo horny lately I decided I would give him a little show! ;P
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3rd November 2003

naughtynymph5:03pm: I'm New!
This is my first post! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! I will be posting pics in my journal alot so if you'd like to see more, add me!
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***NOT work safe!
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2nd September 2003

bibabysi12:09pm: one of the biggest turn ons and things i love to do is be dared. dared to get myself off in different places or with different things... things like that. ;o) i know there's other people who love to be dared as well, or even like daring people then reading about what happend on the dare. that's why i started sextruthordare. if you wanna give it a go, feel free to join! ;o)
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15th May 2003

rhdwp10:37am: At the office
Another oldie but goody, originally posted just over a year ago in eroticfantasies.
Masturbation at workCollapse )

14th May 2003

rhdwp4:39pm: Horny as hell
I'm dripping wet and there's no-one here to help me out. I'm going to go to my bedroom and strip, gently caressing myself as I do so. Then I shall get out some oil and caress this all over my body, including my already wet pussy.

Next I lie on the bed, my head and hips proped up on pillows. This way I can see my cunt in the mirror. First of all, I play with my tits, squeezing, caressing and pulling at the nipples. As I get rougher with myself I can see my cunt dripping and gaping, begging to be filled with something.

I let one hand wander down over my belly and stroke my thighs. I tease myself, building to a peak of need. I keep letting my hand brush against my clit, but don't actually touch.

Eventually I go in. Now it's rough. I thrust my hand in and practically fist-fuck myself - then pull out just as quick.

I raise myself up and pull out my vibrator from the cupboard. I stand it on the cushion that was under my hips and gently lower myself down. That's heaven. I just sit there for a moment enjoying the sensations as it vibrates inside me. My hands cup my breasts and I pull and squeeze my nipples between my thumb and fore-finger.

Now I start to ride my vibrator. One hand goes down and plays with my clit as I thrust the vibrator in and out of my cunt. Now I turn around with my ass towards the mirror, bent on all fours like a dog. I push the vibrator deep inside of me, almost to the point of pain and continue to pinch and pull at my clit. I build up to my orgasm and eventually collapse in a breathless heap on the bed.

Yep, I think that should sort me out for a while.

26th April 2003

selfamused12:09pm: Good Times!

My freakiness score is:
Are you a freak?
Find out your freakiness level.

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1st March 2003

freeboy8:01pm: I'M a guy And I love to masturbate
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